TSCHUDA – about the company

The factory premises of TSCHUDA are located in the North-West of Graz since the company’s foundation in 1879 and next to the former main traffic route to Vienna.

19. century

The company was founded by Johann Seitz as a blacksmith‘s shop for the repair and maintenance of stagecoaches and horseshoes.

Already in 1887 the company obtained the license for producing boilers and pressure tanks.

1922-1983 | Family Tschuda

In 1922 the company was taken over by Ing. Rudolf Tschuda I., who developed the Puch Voiturette together with Johann Puch at the beginning of the 20. century.

During world war II all of the buildings – located close to the railway station of Graz – were destroyed by several aircraft bombs and Ing. Rudolf Tschuda II., who had been running the business since 1942, had to rebuild the whole factory.

1983 until today | Family Heyek

In 1983 half of the real estate and the company was taken over by Dipl.-Ing Kurt Heyek and in 1984 the “Tschuda GmbH” (Ltd.) was formed.

From 1986-1992 the production area was completely renewed and also the office building was enlarged and adapted to modern standards.

In 1995/1996 Tschuda started to concetrate on the business of waste water treatment and in 1997 the first ERR Stainless Steel Circular Scrapers with SSR Screw-conveyor Scum Removers were delivered to the waste water treatment plants in AT-Heiligenkreuz, AT-Bruck an der Leitha and AT-Fürstenfeld.

In 2000 Tschuda installed the first KKR Plastic Chain Scraper with its own Tschuda KKR 6″ chain.

In 2003 the second half of the real estate was taken over by family Heyek.

From 2006-2010 the production area was enlarged to an overall size of approx. 3.500m². At the same time the machinery was renewed to CNC-machinery and the whole factory was adjusted to machining of and working with stainless steel and plastic materials.