SSR Screw-conveyor Scum Removers are a precise and effective constraining removal system for all types of sedimentation tanks, which guarantees the removal of floating layers of any type and consistency.

Unsinkable floating conveyor elements rotating at the water surface act as a coercive conveying system with their forward-formed screw blades transporting all the floatables and the scum to the sip and suction unit.

The sip and suction unit is connected to the floating screw conveyor elements, thus guaranteeing an adjustable and steady overflow height respectively suction volume even at varying water levels.

For all types of foam and scum

Scum and floatables of all consistencies and thicknesses are effectively and quickly removed by the submersible scum pump due to the system’s swimming design and the steady overflow height of the sip and suction unit’s hopper.

The desired setting for the effluent volume as well as the setting for the desired mixing ratio for scum, water and air can be adjusted over a wide range.

For varying water levels

Water level fluctuations up to 500 mm – often caused by flow capacity variations and especially in combination with submerged effluent systems or also created by wind effects – are compensated by the weight balanced HDPE swivel arm mountings of the floating screw-conveyor elements.

The swimming design therefore ensures millimetre accuracy for the maintenance-free and reliable function of the sip and suction unit even at changing operating conditions and without the need of manual intervention.

For circular and rectangular tanks, ducts and channels

The modular design and the standardised mounting elements allow a simple and stable installation in any kind of sedimentation tanks, on any kind of scraper bridges and in combination with any kind of clear water effluent systems – nearly without limitations.

The system is ideally suited for refitting existing scrapers and tanks as it automatically compensates any existing structural inaccuracies via the floating design.

For fully automatic operation and controls

A fully automatic operation is guaranteed by the system’s precise selfadjustment to varying water levels.

The mixture of scum, water and air is pumped efficiently by the time-cycle controlled submersible scum pump and with the desired concentration respectively ratio of sludge, water and air up to the amount of 50m³ per day and pump unit. Furthermore multiple pump units can also be used to increase the scum removal amount once again.

For minimum maintenance

All materials used are selected for their exceptional durability and minimum maintenance.

The system is basically made of stainless steel, HDPE is used for the maintenance-free bearings, HDPE and POM for the maintenance-free drive chain and drive sprockets, water and weatherproof elastomers for the seals. Industry-standard materials are only used for the submersible scum pump and the drive motor.

For easy serviceability

The drive unit’s motor is maintenancefree and has lifetime lubrication.

Due to the system’s floating design the bearings are not under load and the only maintenance required consists of seldom visual inspections and the scum pump’s periodical oil change.

Therefore the pump can be raised to the service platform without loosening any parts by the use of lifting equipment, rail guides and special elastomer seals at the suction and pressure joints.

For maximum satisfaction at all installations

The system of SSR Screw-conveyor Scum Removers is installed in hundreds of sedimentation tanks to the great satisfaction of all plant operators.

Domestic and international patents confirm the uniqueness of the system, which is so far installed in circular tanks of up to 64m in diameter, in rectangular tanks of up to 15m width, in channels up to 21m width and even in aeration tanks.

Many waste water treatment plants produce such large quantities of scum and foam that the amount can only be handled by SSR – Screw-conveyor Scum Remover according to the Tschuda System. Success guaranteed!