KKR Plastic Chain & Flight Scraper are characterized by the careful selection of the used materials. In combination with the outstanding design of all the components this leads to the strongest overall chain and flight scraper system on the market.

Due to its excellent ease the system only consumes minimal energy while ensuring minimum wear at the same time. In further consequence the systems needs only minimal maintenance effort by the operator.

5tons – conveyor chain

The white TSCHUDA KKR 6″ plastic conveyor chain is designed according to the most commonly used US-Standard NCS-720-S for plastic chains.

Due to the outstanding breaking load of the chain thread with more than 50kN (5 tons) the elongation under working conditions is only marginal. Therefore the whole system is extremely stiff and works very precisely.

Flexible jointed flight attachments

The scraper flights are attached to the chain threads with additional and extremely strong stainless steel reinforcements and with flexible elements in between. The felxible elements allow for twisting of the scraper flights up to 15°.

As the attachment therefore is as strong as the chain thread itself the tensile strength is not reduced like it is unfavourable at injection moulded, firmly screwed and perforated attachment links.

Stiff, weight reduced scraper flights made of stainless steel

The scraper flights are made of hermetically welded rectangular stainless steel tubes 150x50mm. Due to stainless steel’s higher modulus of elasticity the scraper flights have better resistance to bending and torsion than flights made of GRP.

During operation the buoyancy of the scraper flights compensates nearly all of the scraper flights’ weight. Therefore nearly all of the load on the rolling wheels is compensated and the wheels are nearly free of wear.

Roller guide of the weight reduced scraper flights

Depending on the width of the tank the flights are equipped with 4 or 6 carrying wheels and therefore roll in exact upright position along the bottom of the tank respectively the return guide rails.

2 additional horizontal wheels guide the scraper flights between the side walls respectively on the return guide rails.

The advantage of roller guides is boosted by the buoyant force of the tight welded and therefore weight reduced scraper flights.

Axes and shafts from wall to wall

The drive shafts and also the idler shafts are typically designed full length from wall to wall.

This allows for an extremely easy adjustment of the idler sprockets and at the same time guarantees exact alignment of the chain threads as well as the scraper flights.

Uniform sprockets with robust, maintenance free slide bearings

All conveyor sprockets have identical design.

The sprockets have design with chain saver rims, that are fitting exactly to the chain links’ congruent shape allowing the chain links to rest also on the side bars and not only on the toothing of the sprocket. Therefore only the driving force is working on the chain pins.

Further more the sprockets have an odd number of teeth (z=23/2). Therefore the teeth only have contact with the chain threads at each second turn around.

The drive shafts and also the idler sprockets are rotating in uniform, 2-piece, water lubricated and extremely long lasting slide bearings with a huge diameter-/ width-ratio of massive Ø150x150mm.

The huge dimension guarantees for minimum wear and decades of maintenance free operation.

Drive units with lifetime lubrication

Due to the rolling design of the scraper flights the necessary driving force is already extremely low.

Therefore the lifetime lubricated drive motors have enough power reserve despite their low power rating of only 0,25kW.

Furthermore the drive units have perforated stainless steel covers preventing unfavourable condensation respectively corrosion at the electric motors caused by bad weather conditions.

Additionally the output shaft is made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion at the surfaces towards the sealings respectively to prevent damages at the sealing elements themselves.

Elektronic power control unit

To protect the system against damages due to overload a performance monitor is provided.

The power control units shut down the drive units in case of overload and also allow an easy monitoring of the actual loads working on the chain and flight scraper systems.

An overall system beyond comparison

The design of the scraper flights with rolling wheels leads to a unique and exceptional ease of the whole scraper system.

In combination with the huge dimensioned bearings of the sprockets and drive shafts this allows for an operation of the KKR Plastic Chain Scrapers during the entire emptying of the tank and even thereafter during the final cleaning of the tank.