Further deliveries to South Tyrol – Italy

In autumn 2019 and via Huber Technology srl another KKR Plastic Chain Scraper and further SSR scum removal systems were delivered to South Tyrol for eco center A.G.

Pontives – Scum Removal Systems for the final sedimentation tanks

The two circular sedimentation tanks of the sewage treratment plant in Pontives had only been equipped with a simple scum board that was fixed to the rotating scraper bridge moving the scum to a ramp located on the outside of the tank. Scum removal could only happen once at each turn around.


In cooperation with our Italian partner – Huber Technology srl – Tschuda installed the vertical mounting consoles of the scum removal systems and also the floating screw-conveyor elements below the existing roofs of the clarifiers.

In order to ensure a reliable and continuous removal of the floating elements, the scum pipe was led to the centre of the tank. The scum is then pumped via a rotary joint and the further scum pipe – fixed to the existing wooden beams of the roofing – into the scum collecting pit next to the tanks.

Therefore the scum now can be removed independently of the position of the scraper bridge, all around the tank and at any time.

Meran – Plastic chain & flight scraper system and scum removal system for the grit and grease trap

Only short time later – and again in cooperation with Huber Technology srl – a KKR Plastic Chain Scraper and another Scum removal system were installed at the waste water treatment plant in Meran.


After four SSR Screw-conveyor Scum Removers that had been installed in the final sedimentation tanks already in the year 2008, Tschuda was also allowed to deliver motor driven brushes of type RRE for the same tanks in the year 2013. And we are extremely pleased that – more than 10 years after the first delivery – another SSR scum removal system and now also a KKR Plastic Chain & Flight Scraper are installed in Meran.

Salorno – KKR Plastic Chain Scrapers and SSR Screw-conveyor Scum Removers

Already in 2018 Tschuda and Huber Technology srl installed scraping equipment in the final sedimentation tanks of the new sewage treatment plant in Salorno.


The rectangular final sedimentation tanks are equipped with submerged clear water effluent pipes. To keep the water inlet openings clean, brushes are fixed to the KKR scraper flights cleaning the top of the pipes automatically at each turn around.