Circular scrapers, chain & flight scrapers and scum removal systems for the modernization of sewage treatment plant Ropczyce – Poland


Between June and November 2019, Tschuda and TsT eco, were allowed to supply the mechanical equipment for the expansion and modernisation of the sewage treatment plant Ropczyce.

Chain scrapers for the sand traps

In the two sand traps, approximately 22m long but only 90cm wide, KKR Plastic Chain Scrapers were installed to replace the former reciprocating scraper bridges.

Instead of conventional scraper flights, Tschuda equips the chain scraper systems for sand and grit removal with special “dozer blades”. These blades work as shovels allowing at the same time that the conveyor chains can be positioned higher above the bottom of the grit collecting channel. This ensures that the two chain strands do not move directly within the sand and grit.

Primary sedimentation tanks with chain & flight scraper systems

In the new primary sedimentation tank KKR Plastic Chain Scraper in design with conventional scraper beams was installed together with SSR Screw-conveyor Scum Remover. The scum removal sysstem is positioned just in front of the clear water effluent channel and therefore is additionally equipped with a scum board integrated in the system.


The submersibe pump for the removal of the scum is mounted on a separate bracket as close as possible to the end of the tank. This allows the scraper flights to be guided all the way to the end of the tank. For service work, the scum pump can easily be lifted up between the effluent channel and the concrete end wall.

Circular scrapers for the secondary sedimentation tanks

ERR Stainless Steel Circular Scrapers were supplied for retrofitting the first and already existing final clarifier as well as for the second tank that was errected during this modernisation of the plant.
Both tanks were also equipped with Tschuda’s scum removal system SSR Screw-conveyor Scum Removers.