KKR Plastic Chain Scrapers were again installed at the wastewater treatment plant Bystrzyca Klodzka – Poland


Already in the year 2014, Tschuda was allowed to install equipment in a secondary clarifier of the sewage treatment plant in Bystrzyca Klodzka: the existing scraping equipment was replaced by KKR Plastic Chain Scraper.

Several pipes are routed directly through the tank. In addition, the clear water effluent channel that is located far away from the end wall of the tank creates additional demands for the chain scraper system. The scraper flights must be guided safely under the effluent construction and to the end of the tank by additional guide rails. However, this design has been successfully installed and is already beeing used for many years at Tschuda’s chain and flight scraper system.

Retrofitting of the second tank

During summer 2019 – so 5 years after the first installation and as the customer was having again problems with the existing scraping systems in the second sedimentation tank – Tschuda and its Polish partner TsT eco were again chosen and allowed to replace the existing systems with KKR Plastic Chain Scraper.