All products for waste water treatment developed by TSCHUDA keep the effort and cost for maintenance and service as low as possible.

More than 99.0% of all the components used for the products are produced in the own factory. This ensures that the production of all important components is done within the responsibility of TSCHUDA.

Furthermore this guarantees the perfect quality of the products and longest possible service life of all components as well as the entire scraping systems.

ERR Stainless Steel Circular Scrapers

ERR Stainless Steel Circular Scrapers are intended for circular sedimentation tanks and are characterized by the consequent preference for stainless steel over conventional materials.

The weight reduced design is not only used for the stiff scraper bridges but consequently is also transfered to all other important components.


KKR Plastic Chain & Flight Scrapers

KKR Plastic Chain & Flight Scrapers are intended for rectangular sedimentation tanks and they are the strongest plastic chain & flight scraper system on the market.

The design of the scraper flights with carrying and lateral guiding wheels leeds to outstanding smooth running systems with lowest possible energy consumptiont.

Many components are made of stainless steel, which ensures longest possible service life and an excellent price / performance ratio.


RRA Antislip Drive Wheels

RRA Antislip Drive Wheels according to the patented TSCHUDA system are desitned for longitudinal travelling scraper bridges as well as for rotating scraper systems in circular tanks. The drive wheel is located to the vertical and – typically also in winter period – dry tank wall.

Additional heatings for the tank’s crest are not necesary with this drive system.

SSR Screw-conveyor Scum Removers

SSR Screw-conveyor Scum Removers according to the patented TSCHUDA system are the most effective and coercive scum and foam removal system at all.

The system’s design is characterized by the swimming screw-conveyor elements and guarantees for removing floating layers of any kind and thickness.

The system can be used in all kinds of tanks: primary sedimentation tanks, aeration tanks, secondary sedimenation tanks, …