40 Chain and Flights Scrapers for the WWTP Prague, Czech Republic


The central waste water treatment plant Prague located on the Emperor’s Island (Císařský ostrov) is currently extended and totally redeveloped.

For the delivery of the mechanical scraping equipment for the final sedimentation tanks the consortium Degremont WTE Wassertechnik Praha v.o.s. has placed the order for the manufacturing and the delivery of 40 units KKR Plastic Chain Scrapers with scum removal equipment with Tschuda at the end of June 2016.

After a very short phase of detailed design Tschuda started the manufacturing in the middle of August 2016.

Manufacturing and Delivery within 8 Months

Already at the beginning of November 2016 the first of 4 delivery lots each consisting of 10 units chain and flight scrapers and the associated scum removal equipment was loaded on the trucks at the factory in Graz. At the beginning of February 2017 the last of the 4 lots was delivered.

Tschuda also received the contract for doing the installation of the chain and flight scraper systems, which is starting in April 2017 and should be finished until the end of January 2018.

The special challenge at the installation is that almost all 40 basins are completely covered with a concrete roof and only one opening of 6x6m is provided for every 10 basins.